Find Peace in Your Body,
Mind, Emotions, and Spirit

The NAP technique will help you
process what is happening in your body. 

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When your body speaks, listen.

Stop! What do you notice in your body? Our body speaks in subtle ways. Get to know your body’s language.
Pay attention to what is happening in your body so you can listen. Learn how to attune to yourself.
Practice! You can invite peace into your body, mind, emotions, and spirit whenever you need it.

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Learning the Nap Techinque
Butterfly bodymind relief
Butterfly bodymind relief

Meet Heather Skoll

Heather Skoll is an upcoming author, a speaker, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist and Certified Dream Coach. 

My wellness journey started when certain life events led me to seek help. Things like movement activities, whether in the form of yoga, dance, running, or martial arts, brought me peace and joy in life. However, Rubenfeld Synergy was my turning point, and it truly saved my life.

I discovered that simple tools I could use daily, helped me maintain peace in my body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Now I am sharing my tips & tools to help others do the same.

bodymind butterfly relief
Movement Butterfly

 “May you have peace in your body,
peace in your mind, and peace in your life.”

- Heather Skoll
Flower and Plants Health wellness
heather skoll -collage
Flower and Plants Health wellness

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