Movement Classes

My movement programs are designed to gently engage you in physical movement, while deepening your understanding and connection with your body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Movement Floor Classes, Butterfly

Adapted Yoga with Heather Skoll

Online and in-person Classes for Active Minds with Bodies that just won’t keep up with them!

Join me for weekly Adapted Yoga classes throughout 2024.

Each class is 45 minutes.
Single class sign up for the rest of the sessions.
Online only.

What to expect in-class:

Yoga flow
Breathing techniques
Bodymind connection exercises

Participate while sitting on a chair, using the chair for support while standing, or lying on a yoga mat, on your back, on your side, on your belly, or on your hands and knees.

All exercises are personalized for participants.

Personalized yoga videos, tips, and tutorials delivered straight to your inbox!

Heather Skoll Finding Peace here in Guelph, Ontario

Keeping Up with the Grandkids Yoga Classes

Each class is 60 minutes.
In-Person only.
Maximum of 10 people per class.

What to expect in-class:

Strengthening exercises
Flexibility exercises
Transition exercises
Qi Gong
Acupressure exercises
And more!

Join me and an emerging group of grandparents for weekly yoga classes designed to improve your mobility, energy, motivation, and mindset. Plus you will enjoy the friendly association and personal support from a group of like-minded grandparents.

Exclusive class in partnership with The WOMB Guelph. For any questions, contact Heather directly at

Bodymind Butterfly Classess

Is This Program Right For Me?

Flower and Plants Health wellness

This Program Accommodates:

Stiff joints
Recovery from surgery
Chronic conditions and limitations
Different levels of mobility (floor and seated classes available)

What To Expect

Includes movement sequences, yoga poses, breathing practice, and relaxation. Special guests and other wellness experts will also join the classes to offer their techniques to complete your overall experience.

online bodymind support, Butterfly


Increased Vitality
Feel more relaxed
Improved breathing
Regain and maintain daily life movements
Experience better balance physically, mentally, and emotionally
Move with minimal stress on your joints
Better flow of movement in your body
Reduced tension
Greater sense of inner peace
Learn many wellness techniques

Ready to get started?

Movement Stretches - Butterfly
Bodymind Butterfly

In-Person & Online Yoga Classes are BACK!  Join one today!

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