Rubenfeld Synergy

Do you feel something is not right with your health? Do you have chronic health issues that make it difficult to find the right support for your body, mind, emotions, and spirit? Are you having a wellness crisis? Are you looking for guidance with your health?

Let’s explore your body, mind, emotions, and spirit to find what direction you need to move in.

Butterfly Icon for online body connection
Butterfly heath and wellness
Flower and Plants mindset support
bodymind connection with Syneargy

Rubenfeld Synergy Sessions:


Line up your inner-resources, discover what's happening on the inside.
Inner-exploration will help you become more adept at noticing your body cues.
Learn to respect yourself and move within your comfort zone.
Be deeply heard and listened to.
Find peace and balance in your life.
Learn to become proactive instead of reactive.
Learning the Nap Techinque
Butterfly bodymind relief
Learning the Nap Techinque

Find Peace in Your Body,
Mind, Emotions and Spirit

The NAP techniques will help you
process what is happening in your body. 

In-Person & Online Yoga Classes are BACK!  Join one today!

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