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In your mind you are still athletic and strong, but you’ve had a health issue, surgery, or an injury that has left you feeling not the same person that you were. When you have tried to go back to your usual activities, you can no longer keep up. When you push yourself you suffer for the next several days. You wish that you could enjoy activities and exercise without the pain. 

Does this sound familiar? If so, Adapted Yoga may be the right type of exercise class for you!

What Is Adapted Yoga?

Adapted Yoga is a safe and gentle form of exercise. I take traditional yoga poses, that you would do on the mat, and modify them for low-impact exercise that better suits people with limited physical or health abilities. The goal of Adapted Yoga is to build your strength and confidence for everyday life. All the movements and poses we practice build resilience for everyday activities you may face such as lifting groceries, stamina to spend time with a grandchild, the energy to take a walk, and more.

Adapted Yoga is not just for “seniors”. It is for active-minded people, whose bodies are not keeping up. Adapted Yoga helps you rediscover what has been lost in the body by reconnecting your mind, muscles, and movements. Exercise should be fun and pain-free for all! 

How do you “adapt” yoga?

One of the ways that I “adapt” movements is by assessing your physical or health limitations and pain points. Pain points are any movements that cause discomfort or pain, which you may be aware or unaware of. 

We might reel back movement that is required for daily function. For example, stepping off a curb. How can you learn to step off a curb without apprehension due to balance or pain? We practice movements that mimic this until you are ready to take it on with more confidence in daily life!

What can I expect in an Adapted Yoga class?

My classes are small in number so I can offer personalized support to each individual. We can discuss how you are feeling and I can watch each of you individually with every movement and pose, which allows me to get immediate feedback and learn about your pain points. By doing so, I can ensure that the classes are inclusive and each individual can participate in every movement pain-free! 

If you do not wish to be on camera, that is okay too! As long as you can follow along and discuss how you are feeling with me throughout the class. 

If you have exercises from a physiotherapist, I encourage you to disclose this so we can integrate those exercises where we can as well. I am open to building a more fun way for you to do your recommended exercises!

Is Adapted Yoga Right for You?

I would highly recommend trying out an Adapted Yoga class if you are active-minded and feel your body is not keeping up with you. I would love to help you rediscover what has been lost in the body and reconnect your mind, muscles, and movements through Adapted Yoga.

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To chat further with me and explore your options, please email me at

P.S. If you cannot commit to all the class dates and you would like to attend select dates, please email me to chat further.

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