Closing the door on 2022

Closing the door of 2022 was not what I expected.

As 2022 closes, what are the things that you wish to close the door on? 

For me, it is the pain that I experienced for so many weeks post knee replacement surgery. 

This type of intense and relentless pain forced me to not just take pause, but to stop almost every activity except for therapies and doing specific exercises. 

10 weeks post-surgery it dawned on me that I have had zero fun. It was time to make social connections. How could this happen while giving my knee, and my pain the support needed? 

How can YOU have fun these upcoming holidays and get the support needed if you are recovering from knee replacement or other surgery? 

My number one thing is KNOW and PROTECT YOUR LIMITS. For me if an activity requires standing for longer than 5 minutes and I could not sit, then it was a “no”. If I could support my leg on an ottoman, and bring my ice pack, then I could last a couple of hours. I am grateful for the many invitations to engage, and I engaged my “NO THANK YOU” more than ever in my life. 

The second thing is that FUN can ease the whole body. It doesn’t take away pain, but it helps with the mental state that is likely impacted by constant pain or discomfort. I had only been going to therapies that focused on my knee, but I expanded this to include treatments that calmed and soothed my nervous system. I choose to engage in activities that feel like a treat rather than any obligation. 

The third thing is about PATIENCE. Patience is needed for recovering, and for life. 

I have to catch myself when I get frustrated about the pace of recovery being slower than I expected. I have had to let go of any thoughts that I would have returned to working at my usual pace by now. I have to calm my disappointment when I miss yet another event or social opportunity. I realized that I need to work on being patient with myself. I now see how I over push myself. Is this something that you do as well? 

I hope to close the door on pain in 2022, however, I take the lessons of knowing and protecting your  limits, choosing some fun, and being patient with self.

Wishing you happy holidays giving yourself a gift of treating yourself with love. 

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