Why am I going backwards?

“Don’t just ‘bear’ anything that feels like torture without progress. Take a chance and seek out something else” – Heather Skoll

Why am I going backward?

In week 5 of my recovery, my pain level went up and my mobility went down. I had been attending my OHIP physiotherapy sessions (physiotherapy covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan). I am very grateful to have received 6 sessions fully covered by my province.

I was released after 6 sessions because, on paper, I hit every marker and checked every box. But I didn’t feel like I was checking boxes, making progress, or healing. I felt the opposite; I was moving backward, feeling more pain, and developing more trauma. I decided to seek out private physiotherapy.

I met Leanna Taggio at Meridian Spine and Sport in Oak Ridges. The first thing she looked at was my incision and my kneecap. She identified that my kneecap was stuck. The adhesions from the scar might be the cause. She taught me techniques to release these adhesions by massaging the scar. She spent time listening, watching, and doing an appropriate touch assessment.

The lesson learned here is that if something is not working for you and feels like torture instead of progress, don’t “bear” with it. Take a chance and seek out something else.
It is a lesson that I learn over and over again!

6 thoughts on “Why am I going backwards?”

  1. Recovering from surgery can I hear be easier for some. Like you, my experience from a perforated bowel, from a gallbladder removal , was a long difficult in every way , battle. I agree with you . Seek other and all tools to feel well and see the progress not , regression. Wishing you a load of love and positive vibes to find your way back to being in a good healthy place.

    1. Thanks so much Anne-Marie. I am sorry that you had such a difficult experience from your gallbladder remover. Another surgery that doctor’s consider routine…until there are complications. Wishing you loads of love and all the best for 2023!

  2. Hi Heather – good to hear that you found a positive remedy that will hopefully put you on the right track, so that hopefully your will be able to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

    Wishing you a serene recovery and best regards, Maria Lorenzoni

    1. Thank you Maria! I enjoyed the 2022 holiday season. Spending time with family lifted my spirits. I have improved over the last 3 weeks. More to share coming soon!
      All the best for 2023!

    1. Thank you! I found a few great professionals, and now I have moved. I have to start the search all over again. I am checking out some new people via referrals. One thing that I have learned, is if it is not a good fit, move on!

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