I want to go into surgery with my “eyes wide open”

Having all the information helps! 

As I countdown the last days before knee replacement surgery, I can tell you that I have not gone into the process like a zombie. 

I read all the written information provided by my orthopedic surgeon. I followed all the instructions. I requested and was granted pre-surgery physio sessions. I asked a lot of questions at the pre-admit sessions and appointments. 

I even listened to some fantastic YouTube videos by Talking with Docs. (Very, very helpful) Watch YouTube video here

As a person who is very sensitive to medications, chemicals, mold, etc., I needed to get as much information as possible. 


I want to go into surgery with my “eyes wide open”, meaning knowing the risks for me, and mitigating all of these risks. 

I believe that I have done that by working with my naturopath to boost  my immune system.

I’ve had acupuncture, osteopathy sessions, and chiropractors. Lori Haws helped with Matrix Repatterning. 

I worked with Julie Tibbles to do the energetic work to make sure that I will be compatible with the materials and drugs to be used.

I’ve done the exercises from the physios, and from Anne Klausner twice daily for the last 12 weeks. 
I talked to many people who have had this surgery and got some great advice. 

Am I anxious? Sure, but not nearly as much as a couple of weeks ago prior to having all the information I needed. 

I also feel ready thanks to all of my team of support and because I’ve done the daily preparation. 

These last days pre-surgery, I am enjoying every moment of my days before I will embark on the post-surgery pain and recovery. 

My surgery is scheduled for Monday, September 19th, 2022 10am – noon, I would sure appreciate your good thoughts and wishes. 

My new “Moving with Knee Pain” series will be available SOON! If you are interested in being notified when the bundle is launched, please send an email to me at hello@heatherskoll.com 

I want to make sure that you are fully supported if you are having knee pain, and I would love to support you if you are heading towards knee surgery. 

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