Journey to Knee Surgery with Heather Skoll on Maria Jones’ podcast

Heather Skoll filming a livestream with Maria Jones

Do you struggle with knee pain? 

I have struggled with chronic knee issues and pain for over 8 years. I was told by my doctors that I have absolutely no cartilage, and there is no way to recover from this. Despite what I’ve been told, I have managed to lead a healthy active lifestyle as opposed to getting knee replacement surgery right away. I wanted to wait until I felt ready, and I wanted to ensure my body could physically handle the stress of this surgery. Now, years later, I feel ready for this surgery!

Are you heading for knee replacement surgery? 

Over the past few weeks, I have been documenting my Journey to Knee Replacement Surgery. It was an absolute pleasure being interviewed by Maria Jones from Yuva Yoga on her Chair Yoga Podcast. It felt like I was chatting to a friend who I have known forever! We have both taught Chair Yoga, and discussed how and why it is beneficial for people with knee issues. 

For those pre-surgery, the chair provides an accessible option for a face to face class, whether online or in person. We can use the chair for sitting and also for support while standing. 

For those post surgery, the chair can be an excellent option to keep moving while recovering, because getting up and down from the floor will become a whole new challenge. 

Here are a few key points some from our discussion and a little bit more that I want to add:

  • Don’t stop moving! Movement is nourishment for the body and the mind. Maybe one part doesn’t work, but other parts of the body do. Start there…
  • Focus on your pain by giving it attention and get to know what flares it up, and what soothes it. Figure what you can and cannot do in your life. You may realize that you CAN go for a walk in the park, as long as there is a bench for a short rest in between! Would you believe that I traveled to many destinations for those first 6 years of needing surgery?
  • Maintain good posture. A neutral spine keeps your movement safer and leads to better breathing patterns. Keep checking yourself while sitting. Bring your chin and neck in line with the spine. Feel that your feet are grounded and connected.
  • Consistency is key. Move for 5 – 10 minutes a couple times per day rather than trying to do longer sessions all at once, Movement mindfully done and focused is very valuable.
  • Get help. Part of managing knee pain is getting a team together that can help you manage symptoms. A knee issue may cause other imbalances such as in your shoulders or his and gait.
  • Don’t be afraid to use support. Use a chair for gentle movement. It is familiar, accessible, and can support you throughout your pre-surgery journey and for post-surgery recovery. 

Have you waited a while to consider having surgery? 

I waited for 8 years because I thought that there might be other options available. I have tried other options, but within the last 18 months noticed that my walking range was significantly decreasing, and other parts of my body were loudly objecting and tired from compensating. 

Are you waiting because of fear, of not being in “enough” pain (whatever that means to you), or are you still exhausting all other options? 

If you need someone to talk it through with, we can have a free chat by zoom. You can schedule here: 

Listen to our full discussion here:

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