Planting Seeds for Wellness with Heather Skoll (MER May 2022)

Planting Seeds for Wellness with Heather Skoll

MER was designed specifically for those with vibrant energy yet find it difficult to keep moving. This event shares health information, resources, tips, tools, and welcomes different guest experts. The main goal is to provide Heather’s community with solutions that will build everyday resilience and enrich people’s lives!

Thank you to everyone who joined and supported our May session! In this session, I discussed the 4 pillars of Wellness; Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit (taught to me by Ilana Rubenfeld in 1998-2002). Then I introduced my new “Wellness SOS” program launching soon. This program acts as a bridge between your doctors and practitioners. I will be working individually with each client in the program to uncover underlying issues within your habits, routine, and lifestyle. These are often small details, such as ingredients in food products, skincare, supplements, that can make a huge difference in your health!

I also explore my NAP Technique a bit further, CLICK HERE to get the free guide to download & watch these exclusive video tips.

I also announced the launch date of my NEW BOOK, coming Sept 7, 2022! The positive feedback was through the roof. Thanks everyone for your support. Stay tuned for more details.

May 2022 MER Recording

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