Is Knee Surgery Right For You?

Heather Skoll in the Garden with arms out her sides. Is Knee Surgery right for you?

In life, we often encounter challenges that test our strength and resilience. You may ask yourself the question, “Is Knee surgery right for me?”

In this video, I share a deeply personal journey of mine about overcoming knee surgery with grace and the patience of my loved ones. Battling through the aftermath of surgery, the road to recovery was marked by a lack of mobility and extreme fatigue. Turning to the soothing notes of calming music from my teenage years became a solace for me and the journey back to ‘being me’ took a year. While not all the pieces are perfectly in place, there’s a profound lesson in embracing the imperfections of the healing process.

To those undergoing surgery or navigating the complexities of post-surgery life, this video is a heartfelt reminder to exercise patience and self-love.

I hope you enjoy this video!

Peace, Heather.

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