MER Virtual Event Recap with Anne Klausner (November 2021)

Thank you to all who attended our second MER virtual event on November 18th, 2021! If you missed it, don’t worry – we have summarized key points here, and you can watch the discussion portion of the virtual event below. Enjoy!

In honour of Lung Awareness Month, Heather chose to focus on breathing. Breathing plays such an important role in our daily lives, and affects our 4 pillars (body, mind, spirit, emotions) deeper than what most are commonly taught. This month, we invited a special guest expert, Anne Klausner, to join in on this educational discussion.

Many of us face challenges, which, without realization, can often cause us to forget how to breathe! Albeit, majority of our bodies breathe on their own, we tend not to put much thought into the action. It’s second nature. However, we explored how focusing our attention and awareness on our breath influences our bodies, minds, spirit, and emotions, and certain breathing techniques can activate our brain networks related to mood, attention, and body awareness!

During the session, Anne explains how although we breathe every day, it is important for us to learn how to breathe with purpose. She demonstrated how the diaphragm works when we practice healthy breathing techniques using a balloon (watch the recording below for the demo)! Additionally, Heather notes how breathing affects our four pillars; mind, body, spirit, and emotions, along with the side effects if breathing is done incorrectly. For instance, the COVID-19 global health pandemic significantly impacted our world and everyone’s lifestyle. Many individuals transitioned to working at home. This resulted in people spending less time moving, and more time sitting! Did you know the way we sit can also affect our breathing? Follow along with Heather’s desk breathing technique in the recording below. Watch it here:

All in all, improper breathing practices can lead to various health issues. We must be mindful in the way we breathe, and breathe with purpose and intent! If you need to catch your breath, catch up with Heather Skoll at, or catch up with Anne Klausner at – do not hesitate to contact us with questions, comments, or inquiries.

I invite you to join Cynthia Schaefer & I on Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 3:00PM for December’s MER (Movement for Everyday Resilience) Virtual Event.  Cynthia and I will discuss strategies we can use to eat correctly during the holidays, and how this can effect the 4 pillars (body, mind, spirit, and emotions). We will also leave you with tips to lead an intuitive lifestyle with food. This is a free virtual event hosted on Zoom. We hope to see you there!

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