Taking it one step at a time at Teotihuacan

I faced a major obstacle recently on my trip to Mexico City. 

I was there with my husband for my son’s wedding. His bride to be is from Mexico City. Her family was keen to show us their beautiful and amazing city!

One of the tours that they booked was to Teotihuacan. My first thought when I saw the giant pyramids was that it would be a monumental task to climb up to the top of the steps. There were at least 50 steep steps to climb. How can I do this with my wonky knee? But I made it up there! It was quite the view at the top, which was really only midway up to the top of the pyramid. It gave us a view of a lot of ruins of an ancient city surrounding this pyramid. 

What I needed to worry about was the descent! I watched as apparently able-bodied people went down the stairs sideways, some with the support of another person, and others on their bottoms. It reminded me of how I did stairs just following my knee replacement surgery. 

I made it down the stairs and I was really proud of myself. However, it was too soon to celebrate. There was a long way to go! 

There was another 2 km ahead in the hot sun, in an elevation much higher than I am used to. And more steps! Probably 20 more sets of 10 steps up and down. Are you kidding me? 

I had to brace myself in my mind. Rather than focusing on what seemed like an unending challenge that the family set me on, I focused on just moving forward one step at a time, until I made it up and down several sets of steps. 

There was a final set of steps to return to the parking lot. I did it… but please don’t make me do it again anytime soon!

4 thoughts on “Taking it one step at a time at Teotihuacan”

  1. Good for you. Trying something which seems to be impossible brings you forward in life and also gives you that feeling of accomplishment. 👍

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