Hand Mudras For Peace

Our days may be busy. Our minds might be full. The ups and downs of the events in the world might influence our lives. Learning about how to use hand mudras for peace is a quick way to find peace.

It is important to take moments throughout the day to connect with our inner peace and compassion. We can quickly access inner peace using hand positions or mudras. 

I got some inspiration for the video that I recorded from this article: Mudras for Inner Peace by Sue Anne Parsons, Director of Let It Go Yoga, ERYT 500, IAY

Mudras for Inner Peace

Please join me as I demonstrate two hand mudras for peace in this video, that you can do anytime or anywhere. 

I leave you with these words that I use to complete each Adapted Chair Yoga class that I teach. 

“May you have 
PEACE in your body,
PEACE in your mind, 
& PEACE in your life.” 

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