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I completed my certification in the Rubenfeld Synergy Method, a four year program, in 2002. I pursued the training, even while I was going through my own life crises, and it was with the support of other Synergists, and doing my own deep work, that I not only came out of the program with a certification, but also with new confidence, and a better understanding of who I was, and what I wanted in life.

It was quite a feat, as I remember in my very first session I was very much a “closed book”, or a closed body, with little access to my emotions. I was conditioned to always say “I am fine”. I was anything but fine before I did my personal work. Rubenfeld Synergy opened up experience of feeling and dealing with emotions,  helped me connect my body and mind, and saved my life. My mission is to help as many as possible through the use of Rubenfeld Synergy, and a unique blend of other wellness modalities.

What is Rubenfeld Synergy? 

The Rubenfeld Synergy Method® is a 60-year-old healing modality that works directly with the body, mind, emotions and spirit in conversation with each other through the use of listening touch and supportive talk. 

Imagine a space where someone is fully present for you. This person is curious about you, and interested in your thoughts, your sensations, and your inner dialogue. This person helps you become aware of your inner landscape, your comfortable terrain, and the rocky terrain. You learn about yourself with professional guidance and listening. You discover what stories might be lingering in you, causing reactions to new situations that feel like old events. You explore judgements that you might have about yourself, while this person supports you without judgement, even as you go through feelings like shame or regret. You might cry, you might let out anger, and you most likely will start to heal. All the while, this person has accompanied you on this extraordinary journey of you. This person is your Rubenfeld Synergist. 

What are the benefits for you? 

Working with me, you will experience my genuine interest in you, your story, and what is happening in your body and mind. This method is not a quick fix solution, but rather is most effective over time. An important part of doing this work is the development of the relationship between you, the client, and me, the Synergist. 

Your unique bodymind will reveal what is happening through how you move, how you hold your body, how you relate to others, and the language that you use that are metaphors for your nervous system. Learning about yourself takes time. Unraveling past traumas takes trust. Developing a new sense of comfort with yourself takes commitment. Stepping out into life in a new way can be possible with that time, trust, and commitment, and a Synergist in your corner. 

I am an expert in helping you connect with strategies to deal with your stress, anxiety, or other emotions. While working with me, you will be safe to reveal all parts of you to be seen and explored. You might feel lighter at times, as though a burden has lifted off your chest. You will gain awareness of your inner self, and learn to hear the various ways you use language that can highlight what is happening in your body and your mind. 

Rubenfeld Synergy: Healing modality that works directly with the bodymind, emotions and spirit

How does it work?

During an in- person session, a client lies on a massage table, fully clothed. The Synergist will use listening touch and gentle movement at the client’s head, feet, hips, and back. The client’s awareness will be brought to their body, and what is happening in the moment. It is the synergy of talk and touch that can bring a story out of the body, allow emotions to flow, and help stuck places in the system release. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I exclusively hold sessions with clients online. Though the direct element of touch is missing, I may suggest that you place your hands on a part of your body (for example your chest, belly, arm, leg, or head) and reflect and report what is happening for you. My guidance will be based on what you report,  as I listen to your words, your tone, and watch your expression, and movements.

You might discover that there are parts of you that are holding past hurts, or that there is a disconnect between your body and mind. Regardless of the challenge, I will be present with you as you explore and discover, and move towards healing solutions.  The clients that I have been working with have found relief and change within themselves, even with a modified version of listening touch. 

Is Rubenfeld Synergy right for you?

If you feel uneasy within yourself or many things are happening in life, you may discover more comfort in yourself or in your life with new awareness and support. As the process of Rubenfeld Synergy requires time and commitment, the best way to discover if you want to pursue this would be to book an exploration session. This 30 minute session will teach you about the method, and you will have a unique bodymind experience. 

I would like to leave you with a small nugget of advice. If you are experiencing a lingering discomfort that is impacting your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual wellness, I recommend that you get the right kind of support as soon as possible. I would love to explore with you if Rubenfeld Synergy with me is the right kind of support. 

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