Wisdom of the Heart with Joan Brooks (MER February 2022)

MER: Movement for Everyday Resilience virtual event by Heather Skoll

About MER (Movement for Everyday Resilience):

MER was designed specifically for those with vibrant energy yet find it difficult to keep moving. This event shares health information, resources, tips, tools, and welcomes different guest experts. The main goal is to provide Heather’s community with solutions that will build everyday resilience and enrich people’s lives!

A special thank you to everyone who joined and supported our February session! Our event on Valentine’s Day was uniquely aligned with the theme “Wisdom of the Heart” as we celebrated “Heart Day”. 

For this discussion, Heather Skoll welcomed guest expert, Joan Brooks. They met in 1998 at the beginning of their Rubenfeld Synergy training journey. Heather and Joan took us through a discussion about the heart and how to make contact and reconnect with our best friend, the heart. 

What is Rubenfeld Synergy, and what has the journey been like? 

I recently got introduced to the Rubenfeld Synergy Method through working with Heather Skoll. But what exactly is it? From doing more research in preparation for this session, I found this simplified definition. It is a “healing modality that works directly with the body, mind, emotions, and spirit through a combination of talk and touch” – rubenfeldsynergy.com. 

Joan Brooks passionately expressed that Rubenfeld Synergy is “a profound and effective healing modality.” With over 20 years of experience, she spent 12 years learning, developing, and honing her skills. Today, she works with women from various backgrounds. She is more in love with the method now, more aware and has deeper respect for the healing abilities of the body. Her task in these healing sessions is to facilitate the asking while the body reveals what to heal and how to heal it. Joan talked about her journey with such pride, joy, passion, and commitment.

Heather started her training with Joan and though their paths are a bit different, she also incorporates Rubenfeld Synergy in her work. Heather started this journey to focus on her own body. She was looking for a profound method that could help her body heal and recover. Heather explained how Rubenfeld Synergy honours a person as a whole. As we explored the heart in this session, Heather stated that the heart is one aspect that provides an entry way to analyze a person as a whole. Unlike other modalities, Rubenfeld Synergy takes you to the wounds and provides a way to heal those wounds. IT GOES DEEP!

How does the heart affect the 4 pillars? 

Body: We can think about the physical aspects of the heart by focusing on the heartbeat. Is it beating too fast or slow? Are there things around us that are pushing the heart to beat faster? 

Mind: If the heart is beating too fast, what is really going on in the mind? Is there some level of anxiety? Sometimes, life can cause your mind to go into circles.

Emotions: What is the underlying issue? Is the heart beating fast because you’re afraid? Is stress a factor?

Spirit: This is much more than religious practices. Self-care is a form of spiritual development. So, what can we do if the heart is beating too fast? We must be aware and do self-care activities and practices that will help to soothe the heart. Find ways to keep it calm.

Joan later took us on an emotional experience by using a simple tool to guide us into contacting our hearts. It may be difficult to take you through this experience through words…therefore, I encourage you to pause here and check out the recorded session.

What was your experience like? Did the experience leave you appreciating the heart more? Did it leave you emotional? You can answer these questions in your notebook/journal, or you can share them with someone you are close and comfortable with. 

As the host of the event, I had to fight to hold the tears back. The experience with Joan threw me off script…I missed a few steps in the agenda. WOW! I just got goosebumps all over again while writing this summary. Though we are not able to share, the responses from the participants were magical. However, Heather and I shared the messages we received from our best friend, THE HEART (See video).

Tips from Joan Brooks

1. To contact the heart is very simple.

2. Don’t try to interpret the messages we receive from the heart – just listen!

3. The body speaks in simple language – just take it to heart!

Joan continues to do amazing work as a Rubenfeld Synergist. She holds a 12-week online tool called Welcome Home To Your Sacred Body to help people heal from various wounds and trauma. Participants in the current group have been experiencing a deep level of profound transformation. The next cohort will start in May 2022. Click the button below to connect with Joan Brooks & learn more about her program.

Thank you for your continued support! Stay tuned for our next session in March.

Watch the full February 2022 MER session here:

About Joan Brooks

Joan Brooks is a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, Somatic Healing Priestess, and the sole licensed Certification Training Director for the Rubenfeld Synergy Method® which is a profound and effective healing modality.

For over 20 years, Joan has helped women heal their trauma and wounds. Joan’s work has helped hundreds of women come home to their Sacred Body, which is their greatest resource and best friend. As a result, her clients are able to step into their full power, manifest their purpose, and take their rightful place in the world

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